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Monday, 7 Apr, 2014

Our wide range of commercial catering supplies and equipment is durable and made by the worldwide leading brands, all of our catering equipment is designed to deliver in performance and reliability. We offer the best selection of heavy duty catering equipment available in New Zealand.

Get maximum value for all of your commercial catering equipment needs with Choice Catering Equipment!

We recognise that value is important to all of our customers which is why we aim to offer the greatest selection of kitchen equipment at unbeatable prices. We make sure to offer all of our solutions at the best prices. Through strategic partnering, we have been able to price all of our items competitively. You can be confident that you are getting maximum value, from a small kitchen item through to heavy duty equipment.

In working with us, you can expect:


  • Lower equipment costs over time (fewer replacements)
  • Only the leading brands in the kitchen industry
  • Quality products at affordable prices


Our customer service

We know that it’s important to work with a dependable brand that can be trusted. We are certain that you will always receive prompt delivery and have gone to great lengths to guarantee that you always have exceptional customer service throughout each stage of the process. We know firsthand how much a difference it makes to work with a reputable provider for your equipment needs, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations at every single turn.


  • Knowledgeable representatives waiting to assist you at every turn
  • Fast turnaround on all orders placed
  • Quicker than average response time for all inquiries
  • Advice on products tailored to your business requirements


We believe that customers deserve the very best in kitchen goods and commercial equipment. In order for your business to thrive, you must have the finest, reliable equipment available at a price that is affordable. We are committed to providing all of the commercial equipment goods your catering company or establishment requires and can meet all of your commercial equipment needs.

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