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Big Change Starts Small

Thursday, 15 Jun, 2017

Health promotion Agency is launching the second phase of the Big Change Starts Small campaign – extending the national conversation on childhood obesity.

Starting in 2015, Big Change Starts Small helped challenge people’s attitudes towards eating and activity habits through a national campaign on TV, bus shelters and online.

This next round of activity includes more national coverage on TV, radio, online banners, native content, outdoor and social media and adds a layer of tools and resources to help health professionals have conversations with families and provide them with some practical solutions.

We’re launching the campaign on 14 May and over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing more tools and resources to support the work you do. 

In the meantime, check out our Nutrition and Activity Sector Resources site where you can sign up to our newsletter to get updates and find plenty of resources and practical tips to help with your work.

Latest News
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