Commercial Microwave Ovens

Welcome to Choice Catering Equipment’s impressive range of commercial microwave ovens.

Heavy duty microwaves help you to serve customers more quickly with their extremely powerful wattage. Many feature a programmable option ideal for set menu items, ensuring consistent cooking to perfection, no more relying on staff to remember reheat/cooking times causing imperfections and wastage.

Additional benefits of commercial microwaves over traditional domestic options includes large capacity, very high power level (often adjustable), multiple stage cooking and their superior durability. All of these features are designed to save you time and money while providing superior quality results.  

Our range of commercial microwaves from well known brands renowned for their superior performance within the hospitality industry includes Sharp, Amana and Apuro / Buffalo with power available up to an impressive 2200 Watts!

If your are in the hospitality industry and looking for a microwave for commercial use, a standard option just won’t do! Browse our great selection with easy online ordering. Unsure which commercial microwave is going to best suit your kitchen? Talk to the hospitality experts at Choice Catering Equipment. 

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