Commercial Blenders, Domestic Blenders

A commercial blender may seem no different from a home blender at first. Yes, they have been created to liquefy or mix up delightful culinary concoctions in no time flat. However, the amount they can blend or the speed at which they do it may differ based on which one you use. So before you decide to shop for one, consider the factors surrounding your purpose first.

To get the lowdown on which blender (commercial blender or home blender) best fits your needs, check out these detailed comparisons below:

If you are planning to use your blender often or you want to put up your own food stand or restaurant, a commercial blender is your best choice. High powered and built for frequent use, it can blend larger amounts in less time. Different types are available may present different horsepower or speeds (but all of them powerful enough for heavy duty or frequent blending) and have differing jug sizes. Also, if noise is a consideration, you have the option to get one with a sound enclosure.

A home, or domestic blender, on the other hand, is good for those occasional uses. Its warranty may be longer than its commercial counterpart. Its speed, horsepower, and jug size are also not as varied or sophisticated, however, will be fit for general demands at home.

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