Commercial Glasswashers

Choice Catering Equipment stocks a great selection of commercial glasswashers and equipment! 

Under bench glasswashers are ideal for busy hospitality and catering business where one washer for the crockery, cutlery and glassware won’t do the trick. While a dishwasher can wash glasses, a separate glasswasher has its advantages. 

Glassware protection. A glasswasher provides better protection for your fragile glassware than a dishwasher. This is achieved by using specific racks to reduce items banging together during cycles along with not having other heavy items such as crockery and cutlery which may accidentally fall on the glasses. Some commercial glasswashers even feature special “soft wash” starts to reduce breakages from sudden heat.

Localising glassware to the bar area. Using the bar area (where applicable) means that glasses are travelling around the restaurant less - particularly from the busy kitchen into the bar - which reduces the breakage risk. For restaurants and “food based” businesses the glasswasher being separate also allows the staff workload to be spread more evenly. 

Keeping up with demand. Installing a glasswasher allows more trays to be washed per hour to keep up with heavy demand. In a busy bar you may have multiple glasswashers either in the bar and out back to keep up with high turnover. 

For further information or advice on making the best selection for your business, contact Choice Catering Equipment to speak with our hospitality and catering industry experts. 

Check out our great selection of accompanying glasswasher accessories including brushes, baskets, pre rinse units and more!

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